Sunday, 4 June 2017

Gluten free cereal cakes

I hope you enjoy making these super easy cereal cakes!  I adapt the recipe to whatever I have in my cupboards so feel free to play around with what you include.

75g butter
150g chocolate
4 tbsp golden syrup
150g cereal (I used 50g of each of the following: buckwheat, Kallo puffed rice, nutribrex)

  1. Melt the butter, chocolate and golden syrup in a bowl.
  2. Once all melted, add to your cereal mix 
  3. Ensure it is all coated
  4. Spoon into your cupcake cases
  5. Put into the fridge
I hope you enjoy making these super easy and super quick cereal cakes!  Tag me in any photos of the ones you make!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Gluten free ingredients checklist

Here is a list of ingredients that are gluten free and not.  I have gathered the list from a variety of sources that I have deemed reliable.  I hope you find it useful. 

Gluten free
Maize starch
Potato starch
Glucose syrup
Modified maize starch
Rice / rice bran
Codex wheat starch
Modified starch
Rice flour
Gram flour
Mustard flour
Rice malt
Gluten free flour
Rice rusk
Pea starch
Xantham gum
Yam flour
Tapioca starch

This is the crossed grain symbol, it guarentees it is gluten free and safe to eat!

Gluten containing (also avoid may contains)
Wheat protein
Barley flour
Emmer wheat
Wheat rusk
Barley malt
Wheat starch
Bulgar wheat
Rye flour

Khorasan wheat (Kamut)

Modified wheat starch

Durum wheat
Pearl barley
Wheat bran

Wheat flour

Sunday, 21 May 2017

My coeliac handbag essentials

As a coeliac, I find I need to be prepared for many eventualities and the possibility that I may be glutened.  These are my essentials that I always take with me to try and be as prepared as possible, I hope you find it helpful!

My phone!
I always take my phone as I use the Coeliac UK app to check products if I am unsure.  I also can ask for advice in Facebook groups if I find I am stuck somewhere.  I also use it for the camera in case I have new finds, I post these on my Instagram.

My Coeliac UK cards
These cards are so useful.  I pass them over to whoever I am eating with and they fully explain the condition and all about colieac disease as well as giving them advice on training if they would like it.

A snack and water
I always take a snack, you never know when you'll be hungry and can't find any gluten free food available.  Water is always good for you, but in case I get glutened, I carry a bottle as you want to flush the gluten out as soon as possible to try and make yourself feel better quicker.

Tissues and wet wipes
I always carry them to ensure I have clean hands before I eat and just in case I do get glutened, I vomit so I like have something I can clean myself up with.

Hand cream and lip balm
I find, as a coeliac, I get very dry lips and hands so I always like to have something on hand to moisturise.  I think it is partly from washing my hands so often but I have also heard people notice a similar connection, do you want me to do a post on this?

If everything does go badly, and you do get glutened.  Paracetamol is always on hand to numb the pain.  Remember, as coeliacs, we aren't meant to have ibuprofen as it is too harsh on our delicate stomachs!

What do you carry in your bag?  I hope you found my tips useful!

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Coeliac UK: Gluten freevolution

Every awareness week, Coeliac UK launches their new campaign for the year - this year it is the gluten freevolution!

So what is it all about?
It's aiming to get experiences of eating out to be positive and to allow us to have options.  It's for both on the go foods and restaurants.  They are aiming to see more gluten free options available; a wider range of reasonably priced, pre-packaged, food on the go; gluten free options if you are on a journey (train / plane / ferry); nutritious food available hospitals, nursing homes and schools; and more options from Asian cuisines.

The face of the campaign
Cyril the coeliac duck!  I'm sure you must have seen him this campaign week?  He is joined by his friends Sophie and Sam, see them on the front of the leaflets here:

How can I help?
It's simple really.  You can order your campaign pack here.  They will send you leaflets to hand out, there are three types: gluten free for public services, gluten free on the go and going gluten free.  There are also flags to put in your food to share on social media as well as cards to give to restaurants for feedback on their gluten free foods.  The campaign is lasting all year so there's plenty of time to get involved.  It's super easy and even if you give out one leaflet, you'll be benefiting so many people.  Don't forget to share your campaign images using #glutenfreevolution  You can also watch and share their animated films so people understand the gluten free diet here.

Coeliac UK have some amazing aims for this campaign, and I really hope we can achieve this and improve gluten free life for us all.  So please try and support the campaign and do every bit you can!

Thank you, for being here all week and I hope you enjoyed Coeliac awareness week, don't forget to carry on sharing your photos using #glutenfreevolution and I'll see you next Sunday at 9am, posts are returning back to normal!